• Sellers

    Though frequently buyers choose the title company used for their purchase transaction, sellers need to feel secure and comfortable that their needs and requirements are being met and that they are being “kept in the loop” throughout the preparation of their file. Brennan Title understands this and makes communication with all parties in the transaction a priority. If you are involved in a closing as a seller with Brennan Title, please make sure to access the seller information in the forms section and ask about logging into your file to keep track of our progress!

What To Bring

  • Original, unexpired government ID with Photo (i.e., Driver’s license, Passport)
  • Evidence of recent tax payment (if payment was made within the past 30 days)
  • Evidence of recent HOA payment (if payment was made within the past 15 days)
  • Evidence of recent mortgage payment (if payment was made within the past 10 days)
  • Wiring instructions, if we will be wiring seller proceeds to you. Wiring instructions must be to an account held in the same name as ALL of the property owner(s)